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On May 15, Seventh Wave editor Brett Rawson sat alongside Steph Jagger to talk about memories and other things we forget.

This isn’t the first time we have chased thoughts with Steph Jagger. Last year, we interviewed her for our Side Conversation column, which centered around the making of her debut memoir, Unbound: A story of snow and self-discovery (HarperCollins). Some people describe Steph as a force of nature, which she is, but she’s also a life coach, author, and world record breaker, which makes her a trilateral power base of words, wisdom, and action.

In our interview last year, we talked about the curriculum of Big Nature (and the things we learn in silence), our relationship to fear (and why we should use it as a tool for information), and our need to reexamine goal-setting (hint: we have it backwards). This time around, we turned inward, looking at memory and other things we forget. Her latest work, a memoir-in-progress about the silhouette of motherhood.

The conversation took place at The Collective Seattle, a new social urban club that provides that provides a space and place for curious minds & open hearts to connect. If you like your indoors to look like the outdoors, then The Collective is your kind of community. We thank them for welcoming us in, as well as, a platform that makes stories more audibly possible. A few images of the night are below, which features the interactive element of the night, which forced complete strangers to tell each other about first, flashbulb, and half-remembered memories.