At The Seventh Wave, we believe an editor’s true role is to educate.

TSW Editor Joyce Chen talks freelance career with Journalism Students at Marymount Manhattan

Anytime an editor hits yes, it signals to a writer that they’ve done their due diligence, and that work then has the immediate potential to impact viewpoints, interpretations, attitudes, or behaviors. It’s our goal, with WAVES, to equip classrooms, students, and instructors with the requisite tools to discuss, dissect, and express complex experiences and social issues. Because form matters. Because writing is rough because of the drafts. And there is no progress without process.

TSW Editor Brett Rawson speaking at 2019 Writer’s Symposium at The Overlake School

We are not teachers, but we have taught. Curiosity is our faculty. With every piece we publish, we ask ourselves: What does this say that hasn’t been said, and does it give space for response? What role does nuance play in this conversation? How do we broach the complexity of social issues without doing each other injustice? And how do we, as editors or educators, talk politics without silencing perspectives, or trending toward a majority?

TSW Editor Joyce Chen on the 2019 AWP panel, “How Literary Magazines Cultivate Meaningful Inclusivity”

The Seventh Wave has always been a synthesis. While our staff brings together 10+ years of experience in journalism, youth mentorship, and teaching, our community of 140+ published voices span every single industry, and WAVES brings them and their work to the forefront of classroom conversations. While we’re happy to drop in on a class (in person or over Skype), we’re also open to working with your school for an extended period (we have packaged each issue for classroom use via plug-and-play digital lessons that combine the pieces we publish with words on craft from our contributors).

We offer seven different levels of educational and editorial opportunities: feel free to choose one or combine a couple. Our educational services are free to academic institutions, large or small. While we’re always eager to work with your students, you should also consider bringing us in for a professional development day or career day to talk with students about how to make your way in the world as a writer.  

See here for a detailed list of our seven levels, and be in touch if you’d like to talk about bringing us in, via Skype or real life, to work with you or your students.

Be in touch, fearless leaders!