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Within His Birdcage

Give me that handkerchief someone dropped on the corner next to the stand
where those suits are trying to swap sunlight for twenty buckets of swampland
I need to weed the clatter of pistachios in Wall Street’s pockets
out of my ears

Chew on the wax and answer

Within his birdcage, the doves between a poor man’s lashes moan:
On hot days, we used to play in the fire hydrant
How’s he supposed to water seeds in his Styrofoam cup when the plumbing
in the corner of his lids is broken?

His eyes are hazel.



After losing my job two months ago
I couldn’t see through the monsoons threading sand
into the Akoya oysters in my eyes

But this afternoon,
when I tried to pass some guy with a fisherman’s beard and his terrier
sitting on a bunch of gritty newspapers
around the corner, I went back
asked him what his name was

gave his dog
some of my sandwich

 Kae Bucher is a barefoot poet who advocates for the poor. Her poetry has appeared in Awakened Voices Magazine and The Rappahannock Review. Kae’s first short story, “The Lost Names of Kaesong,” is slated for publication in the upcoming edition of California’s Emerging Writers. Additionally, she co-edits Jordan Journal, an online collective for Christian poets and artists. To read more of Kae’s work, visit


Featured image courtesy of Nick Rowland.