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The Seventh Wave is interested in building community for and with individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to dig deeper into the hard conversations that impact how we view our lives, our environments, and our relationships to one another.

We invite writers, artists, activists, and creators to take part in a global conversation that examines the complexities of our deep-seated narratives. All of the information you will need to know is outlined in detail in each application form on Submittable. For any questions regarding submissions, or to waive any of our submissions fees (our only barrier to entry is that of effort, though we often charge a nominal fee that goes toward paying our editorial staff for their time in reviewing hundreds of applications each issue), please reach out to

As with every issue, we welcome two types of works / applicants:

Issue Contributor. This is for the writer or artist who wants to be published in our current issue. Once accepted, you will have a call with our Executive Director and/or Managing Editor to welcome you to the wave and talk next steps. Our editorial process is intimate: you will work with two of our editors, a Managing Editor and a Contributing Editor, and go through as many revisions as needed. We care deeply about helping your piece arrive at its fullest self. We ask every submitter to provide a short bio, a 500-word cover letter, and your submission in order to be considered for publication. That is because our magazine is not an outlet; it is a community of voices that extends beyond the point of publication. If you have any questions about submissions or if the submission fee is prohibitive, please email us at Any submission that does not have a cover letter will not be considered for publication, and rejected with an automated note explaining this. If you do not have time to read our guidelines, we do not have time to review your work.

Residency Applicant. Applying to our Editorial Residency is for the writer or artist who requires collaboration as a part of their process. Due to COVID-19, our 2021 Rhinebeck Residency has been cancelled. This is now our third Editorial Residency since COVID, and is a five-month grant that awards 4 creatives with a $500 stipend, as well as publication. If our entry fee of $7 prohibitive (we have lowered our fee from $20 to $7 due to the environment we find ourselves in today), please email us at Those who apply to our residency are automatically considered for publication within the issue itself, and therefore, if you are not selected for the residency, you are still considered for publication within the issue. Of course, you have the option to decline publication in the issue, should our residency have been your primary choice. Our hope here is to offer two paths toward publication, and be able to welcome as many artists as possible, as we are unfortunately limited to 4 residents per issue, which we understand is quite limited.

We have been heartened by the responsiveness of writers, artists, and creators in this moment, and are always trying to respond to changing realities as humanly as possible. We look forward to getting to know your voice. Click below to go to our Submittable landing page. There, you will see both the above options for you: Issue 14: General Submissions and Issue 14: Editorial Residency.


Questions or concerns? Please feel free to reach out at