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[…lakeside…] Against Passivity by Rebekkah Leigh LaBlue

Rebekkah LaBlue Poem Image

Rebekkah Leigh LaBlue is a poet, ornithologist, and educator pseudo-native to Appalachian North Carolina by way of Long Island. A recipient of support from Bread Loaf, her work appears with Figure 1, Black Warrior Review, and Hayden’s Ferry Review, among others, and was nominated for Best New Poets. She explores how we might use poetics to conceptualize alternative frameworks of conservation and, conversely, how we might deepen the ecological complexity of poem-worlds by integrating population data. She bands birds in Texas—soon, Idaho—and from afar, co-coordinates the North Carolina Bird Atlas.

The featured image pairs “Wild Geese (from McGuire Scrapbook)” by Shepard Alonzo Mount (1804–1868) with “View of Toledo” by El Greco (ca. 1599–1600) — images chosen specifically for this piece by our Art Director, Meg Sykes.