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On June 17, 2018, we hosted our first-ever Seattle-based event, which was a roundtable discussion about why the powers that be, are.

On June 17, 2018, we hosted our first Seattle event, just seven (yes, that number again!) months after we first became a bi-coastal operation. For the evening, we invited 20 great minds from different backgrounds, perspectives, and industries to let down their guards and chat about the ways in which power influences, redirects, or challenges their everyday.

What resulted was a nearly three-hour-long conversation about why the powers that be, are, and what role we each play in determining who and what holds power in our lives. Click through to immerse yourself in the evening, and to learn more about what conversations were had and what our rad group had to say about their experiences.

An especially huge thank you to Open Books: A Poem Emporium for providing the magical space for this event to take place, and to all of our attendees, who helped to set the tone and the bar (a high one!) for future west coast events. To see the full album, click here.