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We invite writers, artists, and activists to take part in a global conversation that examines the complexities of our deep-seated narratives.

The Seventh Wave builds community for and with individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to dig deeper into the hard conversations that impact how we view our lives, our environments, and our relationships to one another. 

Our Digital Residency

Perhaps you’re working on a manuscript, wrestling over an idea for a piece, or looking for a space where you can exchange ideas, words, and inspiration with other writers and artists. Maybe you just finished an MFA and are looking to keep one foot in a literary community, or maybe you’re considering applying to a program, but want to know what that could entail. Or maybe you just need accountability. No matter who or where you are, our Digital Residency, an incubator for creative exchange, could be just what you need. This process-based program is for folks who are seeking community and resources. Our Digital Residency is a months-long, multi-session cohort-based program that deepens your relationship to your work. As such, each session is equally generative and restful, guiding you through one aspect of the writing or creative process, and welcoming in established authors for roundtable talks that bring the publishing process to life. Our first Digital Residency will open for applications in January 2023. This program costs $650, but scholarships and payment plans are available.

Our In-Person Residencies

If you are familiar with The Seventh Wave, you may notice that we are no longer offering our Editorial Residency, nor are we offering our in-person residencies for our digital issues. Our Editorial Residency, which was a 6-month, $500 grant opportunity, was offered in lieu or our in-person residencies, but those are no longer tied to our digital issues. Our in-person residencies and retreats are now only open to past contributors and residents. Meaning, once you get published in our digital magazine, you will then have access to apply and attend our 3 in-person residency programs. To see more info about those, head over to our Residency Page.
To note: there are no application fees, and there is no fee to attend. We made these changes because we are committed to creating community in the digital space, and we knew we needed to find a sound and sustainable way to do so. We have been heartened by the responsiveness of writers, artists, and creators in these difficult moments, and will continue to respond to changing realities as humanly as possible. We look forward to getting to know your voice.