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Welcome to our 2021 Community Fundraiser, a series of one-time intimate talks.

This month, we’re offering 30% off to the public for these one-time talks. Use the discount code, FRIENDSFAM, when checking out. To our past contributors, check your email. We’ve sent a 50% off discount code.

Our 2021 Community Fundraiser a) supports authors who published during the pandemic, b) partners up with local bookstores, and c) brings our creative community within arm’s reach of their favorite writers. We’re beyond excited about this year’s list of authors: Ruth Ozeki, Melissa Febos, Donika Kelly, Callum Angus, Jane Wong, Kristen Millares Young, Kaveh Akbar, Elsa Sjunneson, and Destiny O. Birdsong. And we’re grateful to our two partners, Elliott Bay Book Company and Open Books: A Poem Emporium, as well as Third Place Books, Prairie Lights, Metonymy Press, and Graywolf Press for working with us to make this community fundraiser happen.

What are “One-Time Intimate Talks,” and how does this all work?

Dates. Take a look at the list of one-time intimate talks below. Each one has a set date for that talk. When you purchase your ticket, you’re confirming that you are able to attend the date for that specific one. These tickets are not refundable. If something changes and you can no longer join the talk, you can either transfer your seat to someone else or donate it back to us as a scholarship seat for someone else. Either way, we will be sending a recorded copy of the conversation to everyone who buys a ticket, so if you become unable to join, you’ll at least be able to listen in to the talk at leisure.

All talks are from 5:30-7pm PST.

Jan 23: Callum Angus
Feb 3: Destiny O. Birdsong
Feb 7: Elsa Sjunneson
Feb 9: Kristen Millares Young
Feb 15: Jane Wong
Feb 16: Melissa Febos & Donika Kelly
March 1: Kaveh Akbar
March 7: Ruth Ozeki

Talks. Each talk is 90 minutes, takes place on Zoom, and is limited to 15 people. Staff from The Seventh Wave will be facilitating the talks, so you are more than welcome to simply come and listen in, but we will absolutely be opening the floor to everyone there, so we do encourage you to bring whatever questions you’re harboring these days, be it about the author’s work or their craft, or things you’re mulling over as an artist, writer, activist, reader, or human in the world right now. The point is, they’re called “one-time intimate talks” because that’s what they are: a chance to share space and be in conversation with a favorite author of yours.

Books. When you purchase a seat to one of our one-time intimate talks, you’ll also be receiving a signed copy of the book that the author published during the pandemic. You can see those details in the description for each author. We’re shipping the books the week of January 3, 2022, by priority mail, so you can expect to receive them no later than January 15, 2022.

Gifting. You can 100% gift a talk to someone else. You can gift the autographed book & ticket for the talk, or you can gift just the autographed book (if you already have a copy) or you can gift just the talk (if you want to buy someone else a seat for the experience alone). If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to reach out to Bretty Rawson at

Scholarship. We have reserved one seat for each talk as a scholarship seat, which means only 14 seats can be purchased. If you wish to join a talk but cannot due to financial constraints, email Bretty at by December 17, indicating which talk you’d like to join. We’ll be awarding those scholarship seats on December 24, 2021, (via raffle), notifying the selected individuals by email. Do note: you cannot gift a scholarship seat. If, after receiving a scholarship, you can no longer join the talk, your seat will be re-released to our community.

Discounts. Are you a past TSW contributor or staff? If so, we have a 30% discount waiting for you! We sent out that info to all past contributors by newsletter, but if you didn’t receive that code, send an email to, and we’ll get you that info.

To Purchase. To reserve your seat to one of these one-time intimate talks, head over to our Online Store here. You’ll also see some other fun stuff in the store, should you wish to grab a few extra gifts and support us and our artists. To learn a little more about each author and their talk, make sure to click on the pictures to the right.

Who knew publishing could be so human? We’re thrilled that you’re here, and look very forward to sharing in these (virtual) spaces with you and our authors. For any questions about the fundraiser or one-time intimate talks, or if you have any issues with your order, do not hesitate to reach out to Bretty Rawson, TSW Director of Programs, at And thank you again to all of our partners and sponsors for this Community Fundraiser.

Reserve your seat today at our Online Store.