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In January 2020, we brought on 10 new staff members to The Seventh Wave. If you’ve been with us for a while, then you know this was a long time coming for us. Over the past six years, our organization has grown with each issue we’ve published. It’s wild to think that when we first began in 2015, we were a digital magazine based in Brooklyn. Now, we’re a bicoastal literary arts nonprofit with operations on both coasts, and offer two residencies each year (one on Bainbridge Island, WA, and the other in Rhinebeck, NY). And we’ve been blessed to have now worked with 180+ writers, artists, and creatives from around the world. We want to give a special deep thanks to our digital community of artists & activists for believing in us, and for their willingness to engage with our issues with such truth, power, and voice.

This year, we have a few new openings. You’ll find a little bit of info about each below, but if any speak to you, please do reach out to us at for more insight into the role and what we’re looking for. This is a very human process for us. These positions will remain open until they are filled.

Social Media Strategist (1): one year, $500 stipend ($250 per issue), all welcome. We are looking to bring on a social-savvy spirit who will help lead our digital efforts. We have spent six years experimenting in the digital space, and are deeply focused on how we can elevate and champion our published voices. The exact details of this position will depend on the applicant. We are open, for example, to bringing on someone who would solely run our Twitter (or Instagram) handle, but we are also open to someone who has a broader eye on digital strategy across all platforms. We believe that “Social Media” is not a singular effort or endeavor, and so this position would be highly supported by our Strategy Team. You will not be working in a silo, but be an integral part of our communications efforts, which seek to elevate and champion all of our published voices. If you are a socially-conscious, tech-savvy soul who believes in the effort to engage, then you are the exact person we’re looking for. All interested applicants should reach out and apply to

Director of Development (1): one year, $500 stipend ($250 per issue), all welcome. We are looking to bring on an individual to help lead our fundraising efforts, which has everything to do with cultivating community. Our first-ever decision in 2015 was a simple one: to pay every artist we publish. We have kept this promise. For the first two years, our four co-founders funded The Seventh Wave out-of-pocket. Our third year, we introduced an annual fundraiser and LitFest, and have now hosted three successful campaigns ($3K, $5K, and $10K, respectively), growing a loyal and fierce donor base. Our fourth year, we applied for and received our first grant (via the Washington State Arts Commission), and this past year, applied for and received our second grant (CLMP’s Literary Arts Emergency Fund). We have since applied for three additional grants that we are waiting to hear back from. We are looking for someone who has a deep passion for connecting people to purpose, and who has experience in the field of fundraising and stewardship. All interested applicants should reach out and apply directly to Joyce Chen, Executive Director, at

Artist in Residence (2022-2023) (1): one year, $500 stipend ($250 per issue), all welcome. We are looking for a creative who is already and always working at the intersection of art, culture, and public engagement, but who is looking for an opportunity to apply their artistic talents to a collective conversation. The Artist in Residence will explore the work of our 12-16 contributors and engage with them and their pieces, creating original work that sheds new light on our topic. The role, in theory, then, is one of artistic facilitation: How do we take a cohort of voices and create an evocative artwork that expresses the essence of that conversation? We welcome you to our playground, and encourage you to experiment. Perhaps you have had the shape of a project in mind, but have been searching for the substance, and a platform to bring that work to life. Or perhaps you are looking to find new inspiration from others’ work and a broader artistic community. It is our hope that this time and space, and these resources, will allow you to broaden your artistic portfolio, create work that can make an immediate impact, and have an audience to which you can release your work. Anything you create, you are welcome to include in our Online Store; you would receive at minimum 50% of the proceeds from sales, with the other 50% going back toward The Seventh Wave to support our team and contributors.

Bianca Ng, our 2020-2021 Artist in Residence, created several beautiful pieces that we now feature in our Online Store: an interactive zine titled “Harmer/Harmed” for Issue 12: Before After; a set of postcards and a poster based off a series of conversations she had with our Issue 13: Rebellious Joy contributors; and of course, our first print anthology, “We Keep Beginning,” which helped us celebrate our 5-year anniversary. All interested applicants should reach out and apply to