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We are now open for submissions to Issue 13: Rebellious Joy, as well as applications to our 2021 Editorial Residency, which is a $500 grant opportunity for four artists, writers, and creatives. For more information about both, and to submit to one, please visit us over on Submittable

Issue 13: Rebellious Joy

When did you realize there was no “going back,” that your “normal” no longer exists, and that it was a privilege to have even had one? How has the scaffolding of your daily life or notion of free time, your sense of home or identity, your relationship to work and purpose, or your experience of joy changed since COVID-19 arrived? What have you recorded during this time, and what are you trying to forget? What was it — a perception, an interaction, a behavior, or a moment — that led you to uncover difficult truths? We must hold space for this time of existential introspection.

Who are we when we are just with ourselves? And what new version of community are we forming? When we scrape away the excess of our personal and professional relationships, our roles and our obligations, what is at the core of who we are and what we value? Our current systems — education, family, religion, and white supremacy — base themselves around and refine themselves toward a predetermined goal, but what do we do if we realize that our goals have changed? And what of joy, something that we have to be utterly aggressive in claiming these days? What does it mean to prize joy, to make it a personal discipline? How do we claim the kind of joy that creates a rupture for passage through all the horror and despair? 

Our responsibility to ourselves and to others grows increasingly consequential each day, but what happens when our values create realities that are at odds with one another? Perhaps hypocrisy is not just unavoidable, but necessary, to progress. Maybe we have to feel the guilt of our consumption in order to find motivation toward moderation and new ways of being. These systems are not broken — they are working exactly how they were designed to — and they rely on you staying silent. These systems are also not inevitable. The struggle is our legacy. For this issue, we are demanding questions, and invite you to ask alongside us: What does your existence in this changing world ask of you? And what do the questions you ask yourself, in turn, demand of those around you?

About submitting to our magazine, and applying to our residencies.

As with every issue, we welcome two types of works / applicants:

  • Issue Contributor. This is for the writer or artist who wants to be published in our upcoming issue. Once accepted, you will have a call with our Executive Director to talk about our editorial process, and about your work for publication. Our editorial process is intimate: you will work with two of our editors, and go through as many revisions as needed. We care deeply about helping your piece arrive at its fullest self. We ask every submitter to provide a short bio, a 500-word cover letter, and your submission in order to be considered for publication. That is because our magazine is not an outlet; it is a community of voices that extends beyond the point of publication. Deadline for general submissions is Dec. 13, 2020. If you have any questions about submissions, please email us at
  • Residency Applicant. Our Editorial Residency is for the writer or artist who requires collaboration as a part of their process. Due to COVID-19, our 2020 Rhinebeck Residency and 2021 Bainbridge Residency have been cancelled. This Editorial Residency takes its place, and is a five-month grant that awards four creatives with a $500 stipend, as well as publication. If our entry fee of $7 prohibitive (we have lowered our fee from $20 to $7 due to the environment we find ourselves in today), please email us at Those who apply to our residency are automatically considered for publication within the issue itself, and therefore, if you are not selected for the residency, you are still considered for publication within the issue. Deadline for the editorial residency is Nov. 30, 2020.

We have been heartened by the responsiveness of writers, artists, and creators in this moment, and are always trying to respond to changing realities as humanly as possible. We look forward to getting to know your voice. 

Please visit us at Submittable to submit. If you have any other questions about the submission process? Email us anytime at