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We are so excited to share with you this cohort of voice.

In Issue 13: Rebellious Joy, you will find a texture of voice that is as deep as it is wide, as patient as it is urgent, as rebellious as it is joyful. To us, this is collective art. It is collective rest. It is our joy, which is their rebellion. Please join us in celebrating the voices of Issue 13:

Top to bottom, left to right: Sara Yinling Post, Aaliyah Daniels, Sarah Ghazal Ali, Alysia Gonzales, sheena d., Grace Hwang Lynch, Natachi Mez, Lauren Mallett, Nanya Jhingran, Rachel Edelman, Jennifer Perinne, Miguel Barretto Garcia, April Yee, and Swastika Jajoo.

Featured Image designed by Megan Sykes

The featured image for Issue 13: Rebellious Joy was designed by TSW Art Director Megan Sykes. To represent the spirit of this issue, Meg created a collage of imagery inspired each piece. Take some time to look at the image below, and when you go exploring this issue, you’ll see which piece of this picture speaks to which piece of the issue. Also, stay tuned, as we’ll be publishing a behind-the-scenes look at how Meg created this artwork.

Words from The TSW Editorial Team

What can you expect from the work of our fourteen published voices? Hear from two of our Managing Editors below:

“In this issue, our contributors open up about how they’re navigating anxiety, fear, the unknowns, and rebellious joy despite it all — or somehow, because of it. In each piece, resilience is palpable, and hope is undeniable. It has filled me with the most immense pride and joy to lend my editorial guidance to some of the most deserving creatives I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside. Through reading their stories, I hope you ask new questions and seek new answers. Most of all, I hope you feel something unexpected, and fall in love with the incredible voices of Issue 13 just as I have. I hope you join me in celebrating: I’m thrilled to welcome our newest contributors to the wave, and am endlessly grateful for the beacon of light their voices have shined through the sometimes-murky waters of life today.”— Briana Gwin, Managing Editor (prose)

“For Seventh Wave, the task of poetry editor looks a little different. Contributors come to the journal at a range of stages in the poem drafting process — from a fully formed rendition to the bud of an idea — and as such, “editing” is more akin to collaborating. And what a joy to get to collaborate with Seventh Wave poets through editing! To get to know these writers as people and not only as contributors, to talk process, bounce around ideas of expansion, comb through the language as a discussion for possibility. It’s been an honor to watch the Rebellious Joy poets develop and shape their ideas across months, and I cannot wait for us to share their hard work with you.” — Emilie Menzel, Managing Editor (poetry)

Issue 13 Resource Guide:

This issue, we added a brand new element to the mix: a resource guide, curated by our very own in-house librarian, Emilie Menzel. Inside this resource guide, you will find over 60 recommended items, from books to podcasts to films, and even a playlist. All of these items are tethered to the theme, Rebellious Joy, and represents our contributors’ influences and recommendations. Click here to take a look at this collective resource guide, and make sure to bookmark it so you can come back and time and again for inspiration.