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The Seventh Wave is proud to offer three in-person residencies that are now open to all past contributors and residents only.

This means that once you have been published in one of The Seventh Wave’s digital issues, you are eligible to apply for one of the below residences, each of which is catered toward a different stage of a writer and artist’s life.

Our Rhinebeck Residency, which is located in Rhinebeck, NY, is now a two-week artist residency open to four writers or artists. This is specifically for the artist or writer who is looking to work on a longer-length work, such as a chapbook, manuscript, film, or play. This is our longest-standing residency, and the property sits on 27 acres of wildness, providing an oasis of lush silence and creative space amid canopies of green and disappearing paths perfect for some natural inspiration. Known for, and as, The Crystal Cottage, our residents tend to congregate in the glass octagon attached to the side of the house, which offers incredible acoustics during rainstorms. Feel free to visit the Rhinebeck Residency page to see more details about this property, the residents who have created work from there, and much more.

Applications for Rhinebeck Residency will be open in spring 2023. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

The back deck of the Crystal Cottage offers up stunning sunset views.

The Bainbridge Residency, known as The Bloedel Bunkhouse, is a three-night, four-day residency. This residency was first offered in 2018, which is when The Seventh Wave went bicoastal. This residency is perfect for the artist or writer who can’t take off a whole week from work, life, family, or otherwise. A short ferry ride from Seattle, WA, The Bloedel Bunkhouse will warp your sense of time. Four days will turn into forty. Taking place in the heart of winter — February — this residency provides all the warmth, and kindling, your work needs. This residency is especially great for a writer or artist who is working on a piece, and who could use a few other creative souls to exchange ideas, visions, and thoughts with. There are nooks, books, and windows for days, giving you the retreat you never knew you needed. You can see more info about the Bainbridge Residency.

Applications for the Bainbridge Residency will be open October through mid-November 2022. The residency will take place Feb. 2-5, 2023. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

2020 Residents Frances Lee and Malaka Gharib talk about braided essays at the Bloedel Bunkhouse.

The Normandy Park Retreat is a 1-week quiet retreat at The Seventh Wave headquarters, designed to help artists and writers calibrate their inner compass. The two remaining co-founders, Joyce Chen and Bretty Rawson, always hoped to one day host a residency for The Seventh Wave community. This dream recently came to fruition in 2021, and thus, the Normandy Park Retreat (NPR for short, obviously) is now open to past contributors and residents. This retreat, as you can likely tell, is a little different than both the Rhinebeck and Bainbridge residencies. Whereas those two residencies are catered toward creative work, NPR is centered around creative rest. How often do writers and artists get to rest? More often is the case, we are scrambling to make time in order to do our creative work. How often do you get the opportunity to press pause, and allow yourself the space to process thoughts, experiences, and stressors that would otherwise never get the time or place? Residents are welcome, and encouraged, to bring work, but we also want you to foreground yourself. This residency will be open to only two residents at a time, but during your one week stay at NPR, there will be plenty of social moments, as a good number of The Seventh Wave staff lives in the greater Seattle area. You can expect some pretty epic, but calm, dinner parties, as well as a lot of coffee, tea, and time to walk to the water, through the woods, or to your own journals.

Applications to NPR will, unlike Bainbridge and Rhinebeck, be offered variously throughout the year. Please check back here often to see if and when the next applications will be open. If you are on social media, we will also announce every opportunity on there as well:

A picture of the sun room, which doubles as a meditation hall, at Normandy Park Retreat.

Questions? Reach out to