Interviews Editor

Position Overview: The Interviews Editor is a key part of The Seventh Wave, intended to engage with the most dynamic voices of today. Our interview column, originally called “Side Conversations,” provides a platform for disparate voices to mix, mingle, collide, and complement one another. These interviews seek to surround our topics with words by those who have long been questioning these social issues through their work, their being, and/or their creations. Our interviewees range widely in industry and discipline, from elite athletes to authors, film critics to performance artists, professors to teaching musicians, adventure photographers to social activists.

Position Breakdown: 

Duration. This is a one-year commitment, curating interviews for two issues, with the option to renew at the end of the year, given that we have hit a harmonious stride together.

Structure. You’ll work with the Executive Director, and alongside our Digital Strategist, Art Director, and Community Directors, to develop a list of potential interviewees based on our current topic / issue, and be in charge of the overall execution of the goals we collectively set (# of interviews per issue, desired length of interviews, establishing a tone and voice that is on-brand).

Dual Duties. You will likely be conducting interviews yourself, as well as overseeing / editing interviews that others do (for example, ones that our Managing Editors do, etc).

Time & Space. There is no daily or weekly time commitment, per se; this position is project-based. We tend to find that each interview, from prep to publication, takes around 15 hours — research on the individual, be it reading previous interviews / books or general digital sleuthing to come up with a list of 7-10 questions that are fresh for the interviewee and related to our topic; the interview itself; transcribing the conversation; editing it down; and prepping it for publication — so depending on the goals we collectively set, your time commitment will vary. But do note that we are always here to work with you to make this column sustainable, organic, and powerful, so you won’t ever be on your own!

Number of Interviews. Our hope is for 7 interviews per issue, but this hasn’t always been the case (for some issues, we’ve done 14, whereas for others we’ve done 2), and this goal doesn’t fall solely on your shoulders: you can delegate interviews out to the team, and we may also come up with someone whom we specifically want to interview. 

Meetings. Monthly meetings with Managing Editors; others meetings as needed.

Remote Work. We are a digital community, so you can be based anywhere in the world.

We are looking for someone who loves to ask questions. Someone who is naturally curious about what others think, and has experience conducting, curating, and editing interviews (preferably, in a digital space). You’re comfortable working in a silo, but also in collaborative settings, and are realistic with your time, respect other people’s time, and understand the importance of communicating in advance of potential scheduling conflicts. You follow through on the goals you set for yourself, and have a desire to engage with the public, and believe in storytelling’s role in the field of social justice. With this position, you’ll have four years’ worth of interviews at your back, and green lights ahead of you. We want you to take what we have done — look at our list of voices, titles, and topics — and chisel away at the aesthetic, format, and vision of the column. How do we make interviews come to life? Your goal is to help create and develop a community of curiosity on our Medium publication. 

To apply, please send us a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position and what you would bring to the team, as well as a CV, to Any questions? Be in touch.

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