Featured Artist Natachi Mez

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Natachi Mez is the Featured Artist for Issue 13: Rebellious Joy. We are so incredibly grateful to be in community with Natachi, and to have her voice showcasing the true depth and spirit of what rebellious joy can look, feel, and sound like. Natachi is currently at work on her piece for Issue 13, which will be published the final week of April. You can get a glimpse into Natachi’s voice below, but please do bookmark this page and come back the final week of April to experience her work in full. And, in the meantime, enjoy the featured image above, designed by TSW Art Director Megan Sykes. You are seeing one part of the collective collage.

Natachi Mez (she/her) is an Igbo, Nigerian-American writer, performer, and emcee from the Sacramento area in California. Natachi is a two time finalist at the College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI), and has featured at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Oberlin College, as well as at venues in Accra, Copenhagen, and Istanbul. Natachi facilitates dynamic experiences that deepen audience engagement and celebrate community voice. Natachi has worked with youth communities and people who are incarcerated to engage writing and rapping as tools of empowerment. She has facilitated writing and performance workshops at Tufts University, Rutgers University, Rikers Island, and more. Natachi graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Computer Science, and works as Business Program Manager, focusing on community building, communications, intercultural awareness, and design. You can find Natachi’s words featured or forthcoming in Interstellar Flight Magazine, Unplug Mag, Gumbo Magazine, Breadcrumbs Magazine, Write About Now, or on instagram @natachi.life.