2020 Editorial Residency

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we cancelled our 2020 Rhinebeck Residency. While we are saddened, of course, to not be able to come together in person (for the residency and our annual Birches LitFest), we have designed in its place an Editorial Residency that awards 4 creative professionals with a $500 grant. Applications are now closed, but you can see more info on the program below.

This Editorial Residency is a first of its kind: a five-month, $500-grant, 7-session structured experience. We have taken our five years of experience in hosting physical residencies and translated that into a virtual, digital opportunity. We are hopeful that our residents will find rest, inspiration, and urgency from our sessions, conversations, and workshops. While the central thread of this experience is our 7 working sessions, the experience will center around two workshops, with the goal of exposing our residents to a variety of styles and formats, each of which foster honest dialogue while maintaining a comfortable environment for all participants. More info below on the structure and outcome of the program.  

Publication: each resident will be working toward publishing a piece in Issue 12. At the time of your application, you do not need to have written this piece, but you do need to specify what piece you would be working toward, and how you envision it speaking to our topic of “Before After.” Once accepted, each Resident will have a call with our Executive Director, Joyce Chen, and possibly other staff members as well, to welcome you to our community and walk you through the editorial process.

Gatherings: partaking in 7 casual & virtual gatherings sprinkled throughout Issue 12 (July to November). These gatherings will be dinners, afternoon coffee sessions, or morning meetings. They will range from 45min to 2 hours, depending on everyone’s life circumstances. For example, we are currently a little “Zoomed out,” so just know that this format is subject to change, depending on our residents’ collective well-being and what is happening in the world. We will work with our cohort to determine the most conducive format for restful conversations. That being said, we do plan that for 2 of the gatherings, TSW would like to order takeout for each resident so that we can do our small part in “cooking” for our residents by supporting their favorite local restaurants; 2 of the gatherings will be topical, so discussing things like craft or process, but also practical, like freelance life, being a teaching artist, applying for grants; and 3 gatherings will be workshop sessions, so workshopping 1-2 people per session, as the whole goal of our residency programs is to create a space and place for dialogue, collaboration, and exchange.

WHY $500 for each resident? On average, overhead for our residencies is $2,000. Our residencies are free to attend, but residents do have to cover their own travel to and from. Normally, each resident/contributor receives $75 for publication. Given this residency has no operational costs, and that many artist and creative communities have been hit hard by COVID-19, we have decided to provide this stipend, which we feel represents an actionable amount for a professional creative who is in need of financial support and working on a project or manuscript.