Director(s) of Outreach

Position Overview: The Directors of Outreach are the vocal cords of The Seventh Wave, as they are the ones who ride our waves onto the shores, both literally and figuratively (as we are actually based on both coasts, and therefore, this metaphor works, thank you very much). The role of the Director of Outreach, in short, is to bring our issues to life: how do we take the conversations that we create online and turn them into offline events, discussions, and opportunities to engage? We want you to look at the world around you, find new spaces, kindred spirits, and physical opportunities to engage the public with our bodies of work. At times, you will be our recon. Other times, you might be an emcee. But you’re always our eyes, ears, and voice on the ground. You embody everything we are, and have that special ability to connect people across borders of identification. When people say, if your organization were a person (or had a personality), who would it be? You.

Position Breakdown: 

Duration. This is a one-year commitment, specifically responsible for curating an event for the issue that is tied to your location (see below), with the option to renew at the end of the year, given that we have hit a harmonious stride together.

Location. We are looking for two Directors of Outreach: one based in Seattle, Washington, and one based in New York City, New York, as we are a bicoastal organization. 

Structure. You’ll work closely with the Executive Director and Editorial Team to brainstorm, plan, prep, and execute an event that transforms our digital issue into a public experience of art. In the past, we have hosted readings, film screenings, roundtable discussions, and evenings of performance; we’re always open to experimenting with fun new ways to hold space for creators, so we welcome innovation.

Relationships. While your public-facing task is to curate an event on your coast, this role is all about relationships. Making them, caring for them, attending to them. Your role is to create meaningful relationships with kindred spirits and spaces in your geographic circumference.

Time & Space. There is no daily or weekly time commitment, per se; this position is project-based. Your primary objective is to launch an event, which can take anywhere from 2-4 months in terms of planning and execution. 

Meetings. Monthly meetings with Managing Editors; others meetings as needed.

Remote Work. While we are a digital community, this position requires you to be located in one of our cities of operation: Seattle or New York City.

You love to go for walks, because you know that writing is a physical activity. A part of your process, as an artist or an individual, is to move. To be mobile, to look for new connections, to be at peace with the chaos that is around you. You look at conversations as an opportunity to connect with and care for others. You care about the heart inside each human, and do not mind working behind the scenes, especially when it means someone else gets to take the stage and be heard and seen, perhaps for the first time. Your work might be private, but you work in public, and require collaboration as a part of your process. You understand the need for collective impact, and that is what we hope for with these roles: for these individuals to find kindred spirits and spaces to partner with, host events at, and work together to make our art more visible.

To apply, please send us a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position and what you would bring to the team, as well as a CV, to Any questions? Be in touch.

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