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An incubator for community and conversation.

Beginning in June 2023, our Digital Residency will now be open to writers, artists, and creatives of all kind.

A picture from one of our virtual residencies with guest author Ruth Ozeki

This process-based program is for folks who are seeking community, accountability, and resources. Our Digital Residency is a months-long, multi-session cohort-based program that deepens your relationship to your work. The overarching goal of this program is to introduce writers and artists to different kinds of writing and artmaking. As such, each session is equally generative and restful, guiding you through one aspect of the writing or creative process, and welcoming in established authors for roundtable talks that bring the publishing process to life. This is the perfect incubator for a manuscript, or an idea for a new piece you know you need to write. It’s also the ideal environment for those thinking about MFAs, as well as those who have just completed one and want to keep a foot in the literary world. Our first Digital Residency will open for applications in January 2023. This is a paid program, but scholarships and payment plans are available. More info coming soon on pricing.

If you’re familiar with The Seventh Wave, this Digital Residency takes inspiration from our Editorial Residency program, which was a grant opportunity that we created when the pandemic first hit in early 2020, because our in-person bicoastal residency program was on pause. As we continue to resume our in-person residencies, our Digital Residency is the next evolution of The Seventh Wave. We have taken our seven years of experience in hosting physical and virtual residencies and translated that into a digital, asynchronous opportunity. We are hopeful that our residents will find rest, inspiration, and urgency from our sessions, conversations, and workshops. More info below on the structure and outcome of the program.

A picture from one of our digital residency sessions with guest author Billy-Ray Belcourt.

To note: our Digital Residency is no longer tied to our publication schedule. In 2022, our digital issue 15 (Root Systems) was also a digital residency, where we guided our residents toward publication. Starting in 2023, our digital magazine and digital residency program will be separate opportunities, in effort to make both more accessible and equitable. We will now be able to publish 32 people in our digital magazine, and work alongside 32 more people in our Digital Residency program. We are excited to be able to offer more opportunities for artists, writers, and creatives to be a part of our community. If you have any questions about this program, please reach out to our Director of Programs Bretty, at