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Our digital issues are our Digital Residencies.

Issue 15’s Digital Residency, entitled “Root Systems,” is now open for applications, and closes December 31, 2021. See below for more info, and apply over at Submittable.

To publish your work in our digital magazine, you will be applying to a 3-month, cohort-based Digital Residency that will guide you toward publication. We will select 12 to 16 writers and artists for each issue, grouped into cohorts of four. Each cohort will go through a three-session digital residency experience together, during which you will be able to support each other’s work, gain insight into your own creative practices, and workshop the pieces you are creating for publication within the issue. One of the sessions will be a workshop session, which will be co-faciliated by TSW and centers the writer and artist as the expert in the room. No workshop experience is required.

If you’re familiar with The Seventh Wave, this Digital Residency takes inspiration from our Editorial Residency program, which was a six-month, 7-session structured, $500 grant opportunity that we created when the pandemic first hit in early 2020, because our in-person bicoastal residency program was on pause. As we resume our in-person residencies, our Digital Residency is the next evolution of The Seventh Wave. We have taken our six years of experience in hosting physical and virtual residencies and translated that into a digital, asynchronous opportunity. We are hopeful that our residents will find rest, inspiration, and urgency from our sessions, conversations, and workshops. While the central thread of this experience is our 3 working sessions, the experience will center around a workshop, with the goal of exposing our residents to a variety of styles and formats, each of which foster honest dialogue while maintaining a comfortable environment for all participants. More info below on the structure and outcome of the program:

Publication: publishing a piece in Issue 15. At the time of your application, you do not need to have written this piece, but you do need to specify what piece you would be working toward, and how you envision it speaking to our topic of “Root Systems.” Once accepted, each resident will have approximately 9 weeks to create or finesse their piece before workshopping it with their cohort. They will then work with 2 TSW Editors for two months in order to bring the piece to its fullest form for publication.

Three Gatherings: partaking in three virtual gatherings between the end of February and the end of May. The first session will occur at the end of February, the second will occur at the end of March, and the third will occur at the end of May. We will work with each cohort of four Digital Residents to determine the most conducive format for these restful conversations. We designed these sessions with our “roundtable dinners” from our in-person residencies in mind.

Workshop: The second session will be a workshop, which will be a co-facilitated conversation that centers the Digital Resident as the expert in the room. This is not an MFA workshop. There is no cone of silence, and our cohorts are often cross-genre environments. We believe deeply in the benefit of having practitioners of different art forms in conversations with each other, so as to broaden our understanding of the impact and reception of our work on various readers, but to also encourage moments of cross-pollination between genres, forms, and aesthetics. The other two sessions will be topical, so discussing things like craft or process, but also practical, like freelance life, being a teaching artist, applying for grants, etc. The whole goal of our residency programs is to create a space and place for dialogue, collaboration, and exchange.

What are the benefits of becoming a resident? Each Digital Resident will be paid $100 for publication. This is the standard stipend awarded to our published voices. The Digital Residency is free of charge, as we believe in making the arts as accessible as possible, and open to writers and artists located anywhere in the world. As a Seventh Wave Resident, you will have free access to our craft courses (for life), and you will also have access to our three in-person residences, which are free to apply to and cost nothing to attend. The only cost to you for the in-person residencies is transportation, but even then, we have a Residency Scholarship Fund that you may apply to in order to help cover transportation costs. These residencies range from four days to two weeks, and each caters to a different stage of the writers’ life.