Contributing Editor(s)

Position Overview: Our Editorial Team is the heartbeat of our organization. We are nothing without our community of contributors. For the first two years, that’s all we did: work tirelessly with writers, artists, and deep thinkers. We were quick to put strict rules into place that would ensure that every issue contained new spaces for unheard, emerging, and urgent voices. For example, we don’t publish people twice, nor do we solicit work (we do occasionally invite people to submit, but no one gets automatic entry). This means we have gotten to work with more than 180 artists from around the world, but it also unfortunately means that we only get to work with our contributors once. Many of you, our past contributors, have asked how you can get reinvolved. It took us a while to get things put into place, as we were working at full capacity on each new issue, but we are now at a spot where we are able to open up new opportunities, and some that are specifically for you: all of our editorial positions — Contributing & Managing Editors — are only open to people we have published. You know our voice, because our voice is a collection of yours. And you are the kind of writers we want to work with as editors.

Position Breakdown: 

Past Contributors Only. Our Contributing Editor positions are only open to past contributors; people we have published in a previous issue. 

Duration. This is a one-issue commitment, which lasts 4-6 months (we publish two issues per year). The position is project-based, in the sense that you work on a specific number of pieces to completion. It is our hope that some of our Contributing Editors will become Managing Editors.

Structure. On each piece you edit, you will be working with a Managing Editor, who will be responsible for the overall progress and publication of the piece. The Managing Editor will be the one communicating back and forth with the contributor, but you will be integral to the evolution and final form of each piece you work on.

Editorial Process. You will be assigned 3-4 pieces. One piece can go through anywhere from two to seven rounds of edits. The majority of pieces go through three rounds of edits. You can expect to spend one to two hours per round of revision, so anywhere from 4-6 hours per piece, or 12-24 hours of editing in total. This will be spread out over the course of four months. You’ll be working in Google Docs, but we also use Trello for project management, and Slack for any communications requiring responses.

Meetings. Monthly meetings with the entire TSW team, and weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the Editorial Staff.

Remote Work. We are a digital community, so you can be based anywhere in the world.

We believe that an editor’s true role is to educate. It is, therefore, a delicate position to fill. In our collective experiences in workshops, residencies, and writing groups, we’ve found that there is a thin line between suggestion and projection, edit and ego. Part of that is set by the tone of a group, but it also directly relates to our individual capacity to receive another body of work, and to allow that body of work to be an entire being. It is our belief that it is not an editor’s job to do the work for any writer, but to help show a writer the work that needs to be done. This to say that working with contributors can range anywhere from reworking entire sections of a piece and asking them to write more into a concept or thought, to simply fine-tuning what’s on the page grammatically.

To apply, please send us a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position and what you would bring to the team, as well as a CV, to Any questions? Be in touch.

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