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You Are Politics

It is not a time to sit back and disengage. We are not afforded this luxury anymore. It is not a time to leave politics on the fringes of our lives as though it does not dictate them. Politics is not in the White House, or in Syria, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or just something that happens on the news.

Politics is where we wake up it is the hope that the structure that exists around us is not actively trying to destroy us. It is the bread I decide to eat, and the person I decide to marry. It is inside the walls of my skin, it is in the way I see myself, and the way I will learn to look at you. It is not a time for us to look away from ourselves. It is not a time for us to cave in to disillusionment; to opt out as if it is a matter of convenience; or to avoid discussion with those we disagree with.

We are at a turning point, and so for our fourth issue, we ask you about your interactions at these intersections: How have you come to reason with the political climate? Where are the times that made you turn around, abandon, or embolden your views? Tell us the narratives that have crumbled, their tipping points, the elements of contradiction you uncovered, and how you rebuilt your beliefs. Because yes, we tell ourselves stories in order to live, but we also tell ourselves lies in order to survive.

SUBMISSIONS: For this issue, we have changed the shape of our submission cycle (you know, because we’re wave-like), and we will be publishing pieces as we receive them. We are dedicated to paying all of our contributors, so the fourth issue will close when we hit capacity (12-16 pieces). See our Submission Guidelines for more information. Featured image courtesy of Murray Falconer.


Below are links to the pieces, which you can also find them under Archives, Issue 4.