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In October 2017, The Seventh Wave began an exciting new chapter in its history by going bicoastal, with editors now based in both Brooklyn, NY, and Seattle, WA.

As part of this transition, we expanded our residency program to both coasts as well, continuing our annual Rhinebeck residency in upstate New York while kicking off a similar program on Bainbridge Island, just a short ferry ride away from Seattle, in February 2019. Both programs and environments provide an oasis of lush silence and creative space amid canopies of green and disappearing paths perfect for some natural inspiration.

Below and to the side, you’ll find general information about our residencies and how they fit into the overall mission of our organization, but be sure to visit each residency page — Rhinebeck Residency and Bainbridge Residency — to see which program is right for you.

Ideal Candidates. We designed this program for the writer / artist who does not have the luxury to take a week or month off from work or life, and for the type of creative who requires conversation and feedback as a part of their process. Our founding editors were trained in creative writing and digital storytelling at The New School for Public Engagement, and that is how we view the role of any writer, artist, editor, or creative: to educate and engage with the public through art, storytelling, and nuance.

Issue-Based Residencies. Each residency coincides with a digital publication (we publish two digital issues per year, each anchored to one coast and tied to one residency). For residents, this means we are accepting you as a resident with the expectation to publish your work during that forthcoming issue. In submitting to our residency, it’s crucial that you read our call for that issue, and that your work relates directly to that topic.

Resident Voices. We cap our residencies at 4 individuals. Prior to arriving at the residency, each resident will submit the piece they are working on for workshop purposes (see below), and post-residency, our four residents will be among the 16 voices published in that digital issue. For us, this means we get to work face-to-face with 25% of the people we publish.

Creative Sessions & Workshop. While a 4-day residency is brief compared to other programs, it is a timeless experience for our residents. Each day begins at 7 a.m.; there are 4 creative sessions per day; communal meals and night-caps each night to provide a safe space for open and difficult conversations; and a 4-hour workshop session on the second afternoon, where a different TSW editor will facilitate an hour-long discussion about each resident’s work. Though helpful, workshop experience is by no means required. Our workshops are different than most, as we typically have a range of material we workshop (plays, poetry, short stories, memoirs, films, art, etc). It is not your typical MFA workshop where you focus on a single genre, but rather, a hybrid-style approach to feedback.

Nourishment. Food and coffee is ready by 7 a.m. every morning, but residents are welcome to graze at their own desire / timetable. Lunch is also set out at noon, but residents are again free to take as long or little of a break as they need. Each night, however, we come together around 7 p.m. to cook, unwind, exchange ideas, and say cheers (if you couldn’t tell, 7 is our magic number).

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