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<b> Mauer Im Kopf </b>

<i> O say, pharisee, by the lamp’s failing light </i>

<i> God save our precious streams, borders and group-esteem </i>

jdhfjkhfdsjkhfkdjfhdskjfhkjdjfOld English,
kjhfjkshfkshfkshfkshjfkshfksjhfksfh‘fariseus,’ via ecclesiastical Latin,
kjhfkhfkdjfhkjhfksjhdfksjhfksjhfshfksjfhkjhffrom Greek
kjhfkhfkdjfhkjhfksjhdfksjhfksjhfshfksjfhkjhffrom Aramaic
kjhfjkshfkshfkshfkshjfkshfksjhfksfhrelated to Hebrew
kjhfkhfkdjfhkjhfksjhdfksjhfksjhfshfksjfhkjhfpārūš, ‘separated’

fjhfgjshfg25 per cent West Germans and 12 per cent
jhffjhskfjhskfhof East Germans wished that East andabcdeA unified Korea would have, by 2050,
jhfkdjhfdkjWest would again be separated by a wall.abcdean economy larger than Japan’s.

jhgfjsdfgjhdsgfjhsgfjshgfjiJuche 주체, ‘Self-Reliance,’abcdeIn ‘Self-Reliance,’ Emerson presupposes
jhfjdhfkjdhfjhjdjjdjdjiiklkiiiisometimes referred to asabcdethat the mind is initially subject to an
jfhjdhfjkdhfkjshfkjshfiiiiiiiiiiiiiijhfdjkKim-Il-Sung-ism.abcdunhappy conformism.

<blockquote> After they released us from the camps, a new world offered me its assistance, but I had no strength to accept it. </blockquote>

Young ones, et al; our community is re-imaginable

<Witty, but tastefully sentimental title>

<opening lines that establish tone and setting in a coy
yet inviting style> <statement that qualifes the speaker’s
intellectual, geographical or emotional
position> <detail about an object from the setting>

<statement which suggests a symbolic significance of the object
to the speaker> <introspective, potentially rhetorical statement
that provides information about the speaker’s earlier life/personal

<wordplay presented as insight> <wordplay presented
as profound statement>

<proverb or quote attributed to an old/deceased friend> <spatial pause
to prompt brief refection> <allusion to a family member with
a description of them that blends with the landscape of the

<filler> <filler> <filler>
<statement/question about the object from the first stanza,
loaded with Jungian or Freudian significance> <witty, but
meaningless or irrelevant statement, considering the context>

<use of literary jargon to add dignity to a
weak final stanza> <‘one-last-look-around’ the setting
sentence> <profound statement that took eight drafts to have
the words ‘I,’ ‘me,’ and ‘my’ removed from it>

<blank space where the sixth stanza
would have brought the poem to an unfashionably
heavy-handed conclusion>


Sam O’Hana is a poet who can be found at @samuelohana and