Art Director

Position Overview: The Art Director is an instrumental part of The Seventh Wave, as everything we do surrounds the notion of “visual storytelling.” The role of the Art Director, in theory, is one of translation: how do we take a piece of prose, poetry, or any body of words, and turn it into a visual experience for our readers? With each of our published pieces, we want to create an entire world that folks can sink into, and the visual framing of a work is such a big part of that process. As we are not in the business of click bait, the visual energy to our published pieces, website, and social media presence is incredibly important to the overall tone, voice, and essence of our organization. If an image is worth a thousand words, our challenge is the opposite: what does a thousand words look like in an image?

Position Breakdown: 

Duration. This is a one-year commitment, first and foremost responsible for curating featured images to go along with our 12-16 published pieces per issue (24-32 in total for the year), with the option to renew at the end of the year, given that we have hit a harmonious stride together.

Structure. You’ll work with the Executive Director, and alongside our Digital Strategist, Editorial Team, and Interviews Editor to ensure our digital presence is, across the board, on brand and distinct. 

Primary. The Art Director’s primary objective is to brand each piece we publish with an image that captures the depth of voice of that contributor. This can be done by utilizing Creative Commons, Flickr, or other digital galleries, or by commissioning artists to produce work for a given piece (this would be new for us, and depend upon the Art Director’s discretion, as well as our operational budget). 

Secondary. This individual would also bring a lateral eye to the team, paying attention to our overall visual design and style, lend support to digital & print designs, and consult on aspects of the design of our site, as well as our social media aesthetic. 

Time & Space. There is no daily or weekly time commitment, per se; this position is project-based. Your primary objective is to read & digest our 12-16 pieces per issue (these pieces are finalized at least a week in advance of publication) and secure a featured image for it. 

Featured Artist. Each issue, we publish a Featured Artist as a way to close out the issue. You would be included in this conversation and process of finding an artist to produce a new body of work aimed at our current topic.

Meetings. Monthly meetings with Managing Editors; others meetings as needed.

Remote Work. We are a digital community, so you can be based anywhere in the world.

We are looking for someone who looks critically at the way we see the world. Someone who is naturally entrenched in the world of art, digital media, or visual storytelling. This individual may be an artist in their own right, or someone who understands the value, and responsibility, of the image in today’s digital society. This person brings a global perspective and awareness to their work as a digital curator, and so has a reasonable amount of skepticism when it comes to Media. They believe in the power of a single art, and more so in the collective impact that can happen when we publish more art in the space of social issues. You’re comfortable working in a silo, but also in collaborative settings, and are realistic with your time, respect other people’s time, and understand the importance of communicating in advance of potential scheduling conflicts. You follow through on the goals you set for yourself, and have a desire to engage with the public, and believe in storytelling’s role in the field of social justice. 

To apply, please send us a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position and what you would bring to the team, as well as a CV, to Any questions? Be in touch.

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