The Seventh Wave is now closed for submissions for Issue 8, entitled “Power And.”

When we examine power — internal or interpersonal — we must first look at the conditions that allowed it to exist in the first place, so that we may better understand the narrative arc that brought it to rest on that particular person, nation, company, or concept. Whether it’s our constant struggle to reassert agency over our digital lives or youth around the globe taking action when adults have not, power is an ever-shifting, always pulsating life force that informs how we exist in the world. Power shifts. It is imbalance; the imagination of fear stacked against a perception of hope. Power is a prism through which we can view an array of social issues, be it power and politics, power and gender, power and youth, power and privacy, power and abuse, or power and privilege.

For this issue, we’re interested in the application of power. The kind of power that dominates conversation even when it is not named outright. Political, electric, or interpersonal, we invite you to dissect the vortex of power, and the conditions we create as well as criticize. Who holds power in our spheres of influence and why? Can we control power, both in others and within ourselves? What are the implications of a shift in the power structures we have grown accustomed to? How do we learn from the abuse of power? When we lose power, can we regain it? And is there a power that is ever responsible?


SUBMISSIONS: Call for submissions closes on Thursday, May 31. We will start publishing Issue 8 in July 2018, and we are dedicated to paying all of our contributors. Those interested in our annual Rhinebeck Residency can find more information here, with applications due Friday, May 11. Please see our Submission Guidelines for more information.

(Featured image courtesy Tom Mrazek).