Our Fellows Program, a twice-yearly opportunity for emerging artists and writers who want experience working in an arts and literary organization, is once again looking for individuals who are passionate about conversation and community.

The Seventh Wave is committed to providing a place, space, and platform to every difficult conversation that gets swept to the sides, often accompanied by the silencing sentence, let’s agree to disagree. Now a bicoastal organization, our cross-country conversations seek to bridge the perception gaps that exist between us, physically and otherwise.

The workflow of our organization is divided into three main channels: editorial, engagement, and education. We are looking for three curious hearts to join our fellows program. Each will work within one of these silos, collaborating closely with one of our co-founding editors:

Editorial: work with TSW Editor Krista Gampper, our editorial director, in reading submissions for Issue 8, providing feedback on these pieces, and assisting Krista from acceptance to publication. You will be working with production schedules, contracts, editorial process, and publishing to social media.

Community: work with TSW Editor Joyce Chen, our director of community engagement, on our upcoming Rhinebeck Residency program (securing sponsors, vendors, etc.), as well as our Side Conversation column (the expectation is you will do your own side convo; meaning, you will have a byline by the end). You will be innovating, inventing, and igniting conversation both online and off.

Programs: work with TSW Editor Brett Rawson, our director of programs, on the creation of our education wing. We recently beta-tested a yearlong creative writing curriculum, and the summer will be spent packaging that for use at all educational levels. You will also be assisting with curating our weekly newsletters, and working closely with Brett on our annual fundraising campaign (procuring items for our silent auction, etc).

The 2018 Fellows Program runs from July 9 to November 31. We are currently able to offer a small stipend for each fellow: $250. To apply, please email info@seventhwavemag.com with the subject line: “Writing Fellow 2018,” telling us why you’d like to be a part of our program, and your first and second choice of silos. Please also include a CV. We’d love to get to know you and talk about the possibility of bringing you on board.

The deadline for applications is July 2. Applicants will be notified by July 6.