The Seventh Wave is dedicated to providing a platform for disparate voices to mix, mingle, collide, and complement one another.

In addition to our twice-annual digital issues, we also publish what we call “Side Conversations,” or conversations that we have with organizations and individuals who are questioning, exemplifying, and addressing our topics through their work, their being, and/or their creations. Since we first began this column, we have spoken with nonprofit leaders, podcast hosts, world class athletes, teachers, professors of religious studies and sexuality, and more. We have investigated the inner workings (and complexities) of such industries as public health, social media activism, and environmental justice, and spoken with creatives who are pushing the conversation forward via filmmaking, acting, music, painting, and the written word.

Our hope with the Side Conversations column is to provide a way for individuals and organizations of all different backgrounds to add their voices to the conversation, even if they don’t perceive what they’re doing as “writing” or “art.” It is our belief that those who do, are writing. Those who think, are creating. And those who are unapologetically themselves, are making art. We hope you’ll explore our collection of Side Conversations to gain some insight into other ways of being and seeing, and find a nugget of truth or two that will help inspire your own work.

A full list of Side Conversations can be found below:





Want to contribute? Starting in 2019, we’ll be opening up our Side Conversations column to those who are interested in speaking with a subject of their choosing, with a few basic guidelines to help you frame the conversation. We are also able to offer a small stipend for interested interviewers (hooray!). So if this sounds right up your alley, feel free to email us at info [at] seventhwavemag [dot] com for more details.

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